Want Success? Look at the Man in the Mirror

Today Is The Day welcomes Jamar Cobb-Dennard as a guest contributor. Check out what he has to say.

Want Success? Look at the Man in the Mirror.


Treadmills and Road Running

Today I ran in the 9th annual Drumstick Dash, a 4.5 mile Thanksgiving Day running event. This is always a fun event that is also a fund raiser for the Wheeler Mission here in Indianapolis. This, like many running events, is an avenue for achieving personal athletic goals and camaraderie. It also tends to be time for folks to take some liberties with fashion. Anything from expensive running attire, basic t-shirts and shorts to elaborate thematic costumes. It was amusing to see runners dressed as pilgrims or with turkey shaped hats.
Of all of these various get ups, one got my attention more than all the others. It was a simple T-shirt with the following slogan;
“Treadmills are for people who aren’t going anywhere.” As a runner who definitely prefers running outside, it made me laugh. But, it also got me thinking.
It’s easy to keep ourselves busy and yet accomplish little. Lord knows, I have. But, I for one, want to run in a realm of possibilities. Where goals can be set and reached and new ones set again. Not just busy, but purposeful. Focused. And maybe, where a funny hat along the way.

Fear Is An Onion

If your like me, you’ve faced what Seth Godin calls the lizard brain. That survival  mechanism that often stands in the way of us reaching our potential. It’s a freeing thing to see your fear, face it down and accomplish  something you previously only hoped for.
But a funny thing happens. It rears it head again and again. It’s subtle. Funny how the deeper we go, the more we see…like the layers of an onion. The more we learn, the more we realize how little we know. it’s not a problem if  we see it for what it is. You’ve already overcome so much. You’ve been here before. And your stronger than you were before. So, let peel some onions!

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