Today is the Day is a decision to move with intention. To execute God’s plan for your life with passion and purpose. It is a place to draw the line on suffering and surviving and allow the abundance meant for all us into our lives.
Do you want to improve your performance at work, play and your personal life? Have greater focus? Reach your potential? Part of an effective strategy is as simple as listening to “Today Is The Day.” This is a collection of positive affirmations spoken over a bed of music that is designed to give you energy, focus and inspiration. “Today Is The Day”, is perfect for those who are committed to achieving their goals.

Click this link here to listen.

TodayIsTheDay Sampler

Today Is the Day - Bryan Meyers

What are people saying?

“Listening to “Today Is The Day” makes me think of things I already know, but with more focus”

Daniel Herndon, Redwall Live Experiential Marketing

“”Today Is The Day” is one of the best daily motivational CD’s I’ve heard! It always starts my day off on the right note. Thanks!”

Donn Koonce, Lupke Rice Insurance

“I have been listening to the”Today Is The Day”CD for about a month.  I have no idea how it works, but I know that after listening, I feel more focused and dialed in.”

Paul PJ Levingston, Invictus Training and Developement


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